Sea Turtles and Bird Watching in St. Pete Beach

We have been getting a lot of surprise guests this month at the Alden! A couple of sea turtle nests on the beach nearby hatched during a storm a few days ago. With the wind, waves and extremely high tides, the little guys were confused about which way to swim. Chris and Dave, our superhero bartenders, escorted this little guy out into the Gulf, and he swam away to safety. Our Alden Suites guests have been getting in on the action, joining our team in turtle rescues on the beach.

And speaking of Florida wildlife, bird watching is one of the most relaxing and fascinating hobbies around. St. Pete Beach is full of unique sea birds you won’t find on the mainland. The best times to see these Floridian birds are in mornings and evenings since they are most active during those times.

Children, beautiful boy brothers, watching and feeding seagulls on the beach on sunset

You can visit one of this area’s many natures preserves but there are also so many beautiful birds you can see right at our doorstep here at the Alden. Here are just a few the sea birds you can look forward to seeing during your stay in St. Pete Beach.

white ibis st pete beach

The White Ibis is one bird you will see often on our beaches probing the sand for food. With a white and red face with a curved, red bill and long spindly legs, the White Ibis is truly a sight to see.

The Royal Tern is a bird you will see in droves on our sandy shores. They almost look like penguins or parrots, with dramatic black and white features and a black and orange beak. It is very common to see them gathered in large nests protecting their eggs and young. So approach with caution.

Herons and Egrets are a well know Floridian symbol. These long-legged wonders come in different shapes and sizes spend time on the shores of St. Pete Beach. Pictured here we have a white heron and a grey heron, two of the most common species we have on our beaches.  

If you hear cackling on the beach this is the culprit. The laughing gull is a seaside staple named for its laugh-like call. They can be easily identified by their black head and red bill so, if you see one, make sure to tell it a joke for us!

The Willet is a large and spindly shorebird mostly in marshes and dunes. You’ll usually see them in small flocks, alone or in pairs. These guys are quick and skittish so make sure to approach them slowly when trying to snap a pic.

The sandwich tern is a medium-sized bird and the only of its species to have a black yellow-tipped bill. You can usually catch this stunning bird in large groups during nesting season on the sandbars of St. Pete. These guys are also excellent hunters and if you’re lucky you can catch them hovering above the water up to thirty feet high before diving gracefully to grab a fish.

And of course, we can never resist watching pelicans as they torpedo out of the sky to dive into the surf and fill their beaks with fish. We have lots of pelicans around the Alden, and our youngest guests always get so excited to see them. We loved sharing some of our favorite seabirds with you! If you have any flighty friends you enjoy seeing on our Alden Suites beaches share them with us in the comments!

The Llewellyn Family Shares their Story of 26 Years at the Alden!

The Llewellyn/Rychak Family Reunion would like to offer the warmest congratulations to the Alden Resort on its 50th anniversary. In fact, our group which usually numbers around 30 to 50 attendees has celebrated over half of those 50 years at the Alden. This summer we gathered at the Alden for our 26th annual week-long reunion. And we already have our dates set for our 27th in 2020!

Our annual reunion at the Alden officially started in 1994 when we had friends and relatives from all over the country attend a surprise 40th-anniversary party for our parents. But the background actually started in 1992 when some family met on the east coast of Florida in Melbourne Beach where we had rented a beachfront multifamily house. We quickly realized that we would need a bigger place to host a reunion and the east coast waves were just too rough for the elderly and children. There was also a lot of misery causing sand fleas and mosquitos to contend with on the east coast which has never been a problem at the Alden beach. That’s worth the price of admission right there!

In 1993 my sister Katherine and I were visiting family who live in St Pete. We decided to look for a suitable place in the area to hold our desired large family reunion so we literally walked the sand from a south section of St Pete Beach north looking for just the right place. Nothing really struck our fancy until we reached the Alden. We immediately recognized it for the gem it is. It was like love at first sight and we kicked off our tradition the following year! The Alden offered everything we could hope for. It has a relaxing and laid back vibe to it in a beautiful tropical setting. It is very attractive and comfortable without being pretentious. Family-run and family-friendly with a variety of room types to fit all tastes with very competitive pricing. It has the added attraction of suites being more like apartments than a hotel room, with separate sleeping areas and a kitchenette.

Food, drink, and supplies are on the premises or within easy walking distance. With so many amenities like gulf front views and balconies, continually updated rooms, two pools, spa, tropical landscaping, beach cabanas, BBQ deck, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball hoop, ping pong, tennis courts, etc. there is always something to do and enjoy. In all those years I never heard one child (or adult) say they were bored. In fact, no one wants to leave! Best of all, this wonderful resort fronts the beautiful white sandy beach and calm, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s hard to imagine a more serene and satisfying slice of paradise while spending time with loved ones on the grounds, in the water or walking the beach enjoying a gorgeous sunset while watching some dolphins cruise by!

Another wonderful aspect of the Alden is the staff. They are always ready to accommodate with their friendly, efficient and professional services. Some of them have been there so long that they are like an extended family that we see every year. And speaking of family and friends, that is really what it is all about. Being able to relax and enjoy such beautiful surroundings with friends and relatives is priceless. One of the greatest things about our annual event is that we got to spend time with people that have since passed on that we would not have had the opportunity otherwise. Adults have grown older together while children have grown up and now bring their own families. In fact, we have had 5 generations of the family attend over the years. The memories and time spent together in such beautiful surroundings are truly priceless!

In closing and on behalf of the Llewellyn/Rychak Family and Friends Reunion we again congratulate the Alden on its 50th anniversary! We are all very thankful for the opportunity that the Alden has provided our group and for all of our events and memories over the last 26 years and counting. Whether it is for a reunion, a family or just a couple’s getaway, we encourage everyone who hasn’t visited the Alden to do so and enjoy the wonderful experience that so many of us have already had.


Jim Llewellyn

Things to Do in St. Pete Beach: August 2019

Summer is coming to an end! This is the best time to catch the tail end of the summertime fun. Enjoy the fun in the sun with your family, and create some great Summer 2019 memories here at the Alden before school starts.

Sunset Beach Song Series

August 1st

Head out to Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs on the first Thursday of every month for great live music overlooking the Gulf of Mexico! The Shakes Society will be performing Thursday, August 1st at 7 p.m. Stop by for great music and tasty snacks.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. The Marlins

August 4th

Sunday, August 4th at 6:10 pm see the Tampa Bay Rays face off against the Marlins. After the exciting game, enjoy the neighboring Edge District, which is lined with local and authentic breweries, shops and restaurants.

Green Beach Brewing Yoga

August 11th

Get your workout on in the Green Bench Brewing beer garden Sunday, August 11th at 11 a.m. On the second Sunday of each month, group yoga will be led by The Body Electric Yoga Company. Do a little downward dog before you down a cold craft brew! #SundayFunday

Above the Fold

August 18th– Sept 22nd

August 18th through Sep. 22, 2019 immerse yourself in the “Above the Fold” exhibition. This display demonstrates the extraordinary power and potential of contemporary origami. Celebrate the artists who are redefining a traditional Japanese craft as a modern global genre and inventing unexpected forms of artistic expression.

PARC’s Top Chef

August 22nd

Join us for PARC’s 5th Annual foodie event, Top Chefs, and taste the flavors of some of the hottest restaurants and catering services in Tampa Bay. Guests will enjoy a night full of mouthwatering entrées, signature drinks and decadent desserts, all while supporting a great cause!


August 31st

Explore the quirkiness of Gulfport at the annual Geckofest over Labor Day Weekend. Browse great art, listen to live music and check out some street performers from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. along Beach Blvd. This year’s theme is “Gecko Con!” A celebration of superheroes, villains, cult characters, imaginary locations and more from comics, books, movies, TV shows, anime, and other pop culture genres!

We hope you enjoy the festivities this August at the Alden! If you have any suggestions of more great events leave a comment below!