Garden WOW! All about Landscaping at the Alden

Here in the Sunshine State, we are blessed with a subtropical climate that allows us to grow so many beautiful plants that would never survive the winter up North. The Gulf Stream keeps our temperatures moderate all year long, and we have rainy summer afternoons and dry, sunny winters. Our guests often tell us that one of their favorite things about staying at the Alden Suites Beachfront Resort in the wintertime is all the green plants and flowers that we have, even in the middle of January!

We are very proud of the amazing job that our Facilities team does every day to keep our pools pristine and sparkling and our gardens blooming all year round. We use rocks for landscaping throughout the property, since they keep the plants nice and warm and always look neat.

Our gardening team likes to go beyond the basics, getting creative with dramatic plants that please our guests. Let’s take a look at some of the pretty garden areas that we get to enjoy every day here at the Alden.

One of our favorite garden areas is the courtyard between the bungalows, just behind our lobby area. We completely re-did this area when we remodeled the bungalows, with nice gray pavers, curved grassy lawn areas, and lot of bottle palm trees, foxtail palm, robellini palms, and tropical foliage. We put in some dramatic landscape lighting to make this area both dramatic and inviting, day or night.

In the area between the pools and the parking lot, we have a nice stone fountain surrounded by variegated vines and foliage. We love how the rippling water sounds enhance our feeling of relaxation at the pool.

Right behind the lobby, in the courtyard, we have some nice ginger plants, cordyline fruticosa and tropical philodendrons. One cool thing about Florida is that we’re able to grow plants like poinsettas and monsteras outdoors, while in the rest of the country they’re only useful as houseplants.

Right outside of the Grab ‘n Go store, we have another water feature, a blue tile fountain that creates a nice soothing environment. The two hisbiscus trees that flank the fountain are over 10 years old!

Speaking of plants with history, one of the benefits of owning a hotel for over 50 years is that our palm trees have had some time to grow! Royal Palm trees can only be grown in warmer subtropical climates, since they can’t handle cool nights. This one must be happy, since it’s been here for over 20 years and now towers over our three-story building!

Our backyard lawn is home to some other plants with history. This 30 foot tall wall of seagrapes has taken many years to become a beautiful backdrop for party photos, and we love how it frames the space. Our guests love it too!

It’s our pleasure to keep our gardens blooming here at Alden Suites.  It’s one of the ways we offer a real Florida experience to our guests who are living with snow and brown grass for months on end up North. We hope our flowers make you smile and delight in the Florida climate. What’s your favorite place to enjoy the gardens at the Alden?