45 Years of Alden Family Fun!

It’s always a joy to connect with our longtime guests! After a recent visit to the Alden, the Griscom family sent us this letter and some priceless vintage photos:

We have loved coming to the Alden for many years, and have lots of memories there.  We’ve celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, 4th of July fireworks on the beach, Thanksgivings with shipped in turkey and trimmings, Christmases (yes, we would bring our own artificial decorated tree!), New Year’s Eves and days, UT bowl games, spring training baseball weeks…..just about any reason or excuse to come!
Now, I did promise to show you some photos…..it took a while to go through so many years’ worth, but I picked only 4 photos that would also incorporate the Alden.

June 1977….our oldest son (he’s now 44 years old) takes his first steps near the bungalows.

July 1984….all five Griscoms, including our one-year-old twins in the pool.  Neither pool had been fenced at that time, and the deck around this pool was a pea gravel decking (not very barefoot friendly!)

November 1986….we celebrated Thanksgiving!  Pictured here are our three-year-old twins on the beach with the “grey” Alden in the background.  Everyone was glad when it was returned to yellow.

July 2005….this was the last time we were all together at the Alden, here at the Cabana Bar.  Our kids were all grown up and it was, at last, a relaxing vacation with them.  Since then they have gotten multiple college degrees, gone into professions that have given them real independence, moved around the country (and the world) to follow their professions, and provided us with our only (so far!) grandchild. But our goal for 2021 is to get them all together, plus the families that they have added, for an Alden week!!! 
As we mentioned there will be no trip for us in October, new baby on the way.  On our drive home, we decided it may be late January or early February, so maybe we’ll see you again.

Marion and Tom Griscom
Chattanooga, TN

The Llewellyn Family Shares their Story of 26 Years at the Alden!

The Llewellyn/Rychak Family Reunion would like to offer the warmest congratulations to the Alden Resort on its 50th anniversary. In fact, our group which usually numbers around 30 to 50 attendees has celebrated over half of those 50 years at the Alden. This summer we gathered at the Alden for our 26th annual week-long reunion. And we already have our dates set for our 27th in 2020!

Our annual reunion at the Alden officially started in 1994 when we had friends and relatives from all over the country attend a surprise 40th-anniversary party for our parents. But the background actually started in 1992 when some family met on the east coast of Florida in Melbourne Beach where we had rented a beachfront multifamily house. We quickly realized that we would need a bigger place to host a reunion and the east coast waves were just too rough for the elderly and children. There was also a lot of misery causing sand fleas and mosquitos to contend with on the east coast which has never been a problem at the Alden beach. That’s worth the price of admission right there!

In 1993 my sister Katherine and I were visiting family who live in St Pete. We decided to look for a suitable place in the area to hold our desired large family reunion so we literally walked the sand from a south section of St Pete Beach north looking for just the right place. Nothing really struck our fancy until we reached the Alden. We immediately recognized it for the gem it is. It was like love at first sight and we kicked off our tradition the following year! The Alden offered everything we could hope for. It has a relaxing and laid back vibe to it in a beautiful tropical setting. It is very attractive and comfortable without being pretentious. Family-run and family-friendly with a variety of room types to fit all tastes with very competitive pricing. It has the added attraction of suites being more like apartments than a hotel room, with separate sleeping areas and a kitchenette.

Food, drink, and supplies are on the premises or within easy walking distance. With so many amenities like gulf front views and balconies, continually updated rooms, two pools, spa, tropical landscaping, beach cabanas, BBQ deck, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball hoop, ping pong, tennis courts, etc. there is always something to do and enjoy. In all those years I never heard one child (or adult) say they were bored. In fact, no one wants to leave! Best of all, this wonderful resort fronts the beautiful white sandy beach and calm, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s hard to imagine a more serene and satisfying slice of paradise while spending time with loved ones on the grounds, in the water or walking the beach enjoying a gorgeous sunset while watching some dolphins cruise by!

Another wonderful aspect of the Alden is the staff. They are always ready to accommodate with their friendly, efficient and professional services. Some of them have been there so long that they are like an extended family that we see every year. And speaking of family and friends, that is really what it is all about. Being able to relax and enjoy such beautiful surroundings with friends and relatives is priceless. One of the greatest things about our annual event is that we got to spend time with people that have since passed on that we would not have had the opportunity otherwise. Adults have grown older together while children have grown up and now bring their own families. In fact, we have had 5 generations of the family attend over the years. The memories and time spent together in such beautiful surroundings are truly priceless!

In closing and on behalf of the Llewellyn/Rychak Family and Friends Reunion we again congratulate the Alden on its 50th anniversary! We are all very thankful for the opportunity that the Alden has provided our group and for all of our events and memories over the last 26 years and counting. Whether it is for a reunion, a family or just a couple’s getaway, we encourage everyone who hasn’t visited the Alden to do so and enjoy the wonderful experience that so many of us have already had.


Jim Llewellyn

Forty Years at the Alden… A Longtime Guest Shares Her Story

One of our favorite things here at Alden Suites Beachfront Resort is welcoming generations of families who stay with us year after year. As children grow up and become parents themselves, they return to savor the St. Pete Beach experience and enjoy our hospitality. We are so thankful to our longtime guest Jennifer from Naperville, Illinois for sharing her Alden Suites experience!
“I have been staying at the Alden since 1975. Four generations of my family have vacationed at this resort, nestled on beautiful St. Pete Beach. Despite the older buildings, the management at the Alden works to make continuous improvements and updates to the resort. I am certain the buildings take a beating between the salt air, the heat, and humidity and wear and tear from the guests. I cannot fathom the amount of upkeep and maintenance a beach resort may require.
With that said, I feel like the staff at the Alden work to provide a clean, comfortable and safe resort for all its guests despite the required attention to detail and upkeep the resort demands. It is super family friendly and great for relaxing. I have seen weddings, family reunions, girls trips, family trips etc.. over the course of my years visiting the Alden. I have referred friends and family and nobody has been disappointed with their vacation stay. Its charm is what sets it apart from many of the other resort options on the beach. The welcoming family vibe is present throughout the resort.
The rooms are very clean and the front desk staff are kind, courteous and responsive. I have always felt very safe at the Alden. Now having two young children of my own, it’s a pleasure to watch them bounce from pool to pool to hot tub to the ocean with ease. I have much joy reflecting on my own childhood vacationing at the Alden through the eyes of my children who now enjoy the same thing!
From relaxing in your room to taking a walk through the beautiful landscape which runs from the main office area, passed the “Fungalows” and the pools..it is such a beautiful, tropical relaxing walk to the beach. I also love staying on the Gulf Front buildings…I love staring out at the ocean. Unless you are atop Hurricanes at Pass-A-Grille for dinner, I dare think you could have a better sunset view on the beach than from the Alden. The resort’s beach is THE BEST on St. Pete!
The Snappers Oasis Food Truck tucked next to the Cabana Bar serves really good “fast” food. The Haddock Nuggets do not disappoint, nor do the fries or chicken tenders. In fact, I was in line to order my food and a server from the Don CeSar came over to order food and he said that he actually refers guests from the Don’s pool area down to the Alden to check out the resort and try food from Snappers Oasis! I loved hearing that! Take a step back to yesteryear with the charm and delight of a cozy vacation spot on the beach with modern amenities and comfort. The Alden is a gem!